Maltese Demosite Video


Our second demo video is now live!

In this video, we address the problem of water scarcity and nitrate pollution in Malta, a small island nation that relies heavily on desalination plants for freshwater production.

We explain the potential negative impact of fertilizers such as manure or digestate on water quality and show how our NOMAD technology can reduce nitrate pollution and dependence on fertilizer imports, and optimize water use in Maltese agriculture.

The project’s demonstration site, the Ta’Barkat wastewater treatment plant, treats wastewater and separates it into solid and liquid components. The NOMAD truck treats the solid residue for use as organic fertilizer, while the liquid fraction is processed to be used as pollution-free irrigation water in industry and agriculture. This fertilizer recovery can also be done from the solid fraction of small-scale AD plants. We aim to show that the use of anaerobic digestion systems in conjunction with NOMAD technology has many benefits for energy and fertilizer production for farmers as well, promoting sustainable agricultural practices in Malta.