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NOMAD´s mission is to develop a unique mobile solution for production of high-quality organic fertilisers and soil amenders from anaerobically digested organic waste. Join us as we break new ground on the road to a more sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

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Climate change, ecosystems degradation and growing populations are forcing us to seek new ways of producing and consuming that respect the ecological limits of our planet.

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of waste worldwide is organic
Billion tonnes of manure is produced each year in the EU
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is managed in an environmentally sound way

Worldwide, organic waste accounts for an average of 46% of global waste. In the EU alone, 1.4 billion tonnes of manure is produced annually, but less than 10% is managed in an environmentally sound way.  In cities, food waste can account for up to 45% of the waste goes to landfill. NOMAD’s special features – Mobility, Modularity and Circularity – could fundamentally change the way such waste is used in future circular bio-economies.

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Aerial view of cultivated agricultural fields in summer, beautiful countryside patchwork landscape from drone pov

NOMAD Technology

NOMAD will deliver a state-of-the-art solution by mobilising digestate treatment technologies. Our truck and trailer will be equipped with highly efficient, modular systems to treat a range of digestates.

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