Italian Demosite Video


Video release: Unveiling of our third demo video on sustainable organic fertilisers featuring our Italian demo site!

Join us as we explore the challenges chemical fertilisers pose to our soil and environment. It’s time to revolutionise the way we approach fertilisation and we have an innovative solution to share with you!

In this film, we travel to Italy, a country where there are more than 1600 biogas plants. These plants hold enormous potential for the use of organic fertilisers, but the use of digestate as fertiliser also causes a considerable amount of transport, which brings its own environmental problems.

NOMAD has developed a mobile solution specifically designed for decentralised biogas plants. With this technology, we can convert digestate, a by-product of biogas production, into high-quality organic fertiliser. The key is to reduce the digestate volume through nutrient concentration, which allows us to maximise its effectiveness while minimising the transport effort. Imagine turning 20,000 litres of digestate sludge into just 50 kg of concentrated organic fertiliser!

To prove the effectiveness of this organic fertiliser, we conducted growth trials with lettuce to put it to the ultimate test.

Our vision is to offer a more environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to chemical fertilisers. By using organic fertilisers made from digestate, we can simultaneously reduce our environmental footprint and improve farming practices.