Uk Demosite Video


Fourth and final demo video! In the last weeks you have heard so much about our project and especially about our trailer 2. How it travelled through Greece, Malta and Italy and why it makes sense to use it to valorise digestate into biofertiliser. But we have one more thing for you! Because two trailers were created in the course of the NOMAD project and we haven’t talked that much about our trailer 1 yet. This is about to change and we have one last video for you, where we introduce trailer 1 a little better, what role it plays for the project and what possibilities there will hopefully be in the future.

Come with us behind the scenes and visit the workshop of LEAP Micro AD in the UK where both trailers were transformed from sketches into reality and where trailer 1 is in the final stages of completion.

Fun fact: In the beginning there was only supposed to be one trailer…