Consortium meeting in Malta


The NOMAD project consortium convened in Malta last month for a two-day meeting from the 14th to the 15th of February.

Being in the last phase of the project, we had a lot of final planning and brainstorming to ensure a successful completion of the project. During the meeting, we addressed open questions and planned the last few months of the project.

In addition to the productive meeting, we also took the opportunity to visit trailer #2, which was still in Malta before being transported back to the UK. Trailer #2 had been stationed at the Ta’ Barkat Wastewater Treatment Plant for the last few weeks, where the NOMAD analysis team had been testing the NOMAD Technology using wastewater sludge as a source. The testing was a significant milestone in the project, and we were glad to see the technology working efficiently. We are now more confident about the NOMAD technology’s potential for wastewater treatment.

As we head towards the end of the project, our focus is on ensuring a successful conclusion. We are excited about the possibilities of the NOMAD technology and look forward to sharing our findings with the world. The next meeting is scheduled for April in London for the final project conference, where we hope to present our results to a wider audience.